David Doherty
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Introduction to Statistics


No class meeting on Tuesday, November 2nd.
Work on Homework assignment 1.
Extra TA Office Hours to help with Homework 1:
  • Erica De Bruin: Monday (11/1) 10:00-11:00am at Bass Library Cafe
  • Luis Schiumerini: Monday (11/1) 1:00-3:00pm at Bass Library Cafe;
  • Sanghee Cho: Monday (11/1) 10:30-11:30am at 24 Hillhouse Ave. Library 104a

Homework Materials and Data

Homework Assignment Data
Homework 1: Multivariate Regression and Causality
Model Answers
mortality.mtw (Minitab)
mortality.por (SPSS)
Homework 2: Dichotomous/Nominal
Variables and Functional Form

Model Answers
literacy.mtw; turnout2008.mtw (Minitab)
literacy.por; turnout2008.por (SPSS)
Homework 3: Interaction Terms
Model Answers
iraq2008.mtw; pocketbook.mtw (Minitab)
iraq2008.por; pocketbook.por (SPSS)
Homework 4: Review
Model Answers

Course Outline

Lecture Date
Answering Political Questions with Quantitative Data 10/26/10
Controlling for Confounds with Multivariate Regression 10/28/10
NO CLASS, 11/2/10
Multivariate Regression - Nominal and Dichotomous IVs 11/4/10
Revisiting the Idea of Confounds 11/9/10
(Re)Considering Functional Forms 11/11/10
Interactions 11/16/10
Experiments in Political Science 11/18/10
Analyzing Experimental Data 11/30/10
Review 12/2/10
FINAL EXAM, 2pm on 12/14/10

Email: ddoherty@luc.edu